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Special Effects Workshop


Movie Making Special Effects Workshop - The Latex Horn Adventure

We recently had a movie-making prosthetics workshop given by film industry artist Katharina Graeser.

Students got to learn the art and craft of mould-making, in the end creating their own latex monster horns. A big call out and thank you to Harry Granitzer the VBS Eltern Verein for their fantastic support.

The steps of making latex prosthetics (as seen in the photos):

  1. Shaping a positive form of their horns using clay.
  2. Building clay walls around the clay horns.
  3. Pouring plaster.
  4. Removing the clay from the plaster negative.
  5. Drying the negative mould.
  6. Pouring a positive of the horns with latex.
  7. Removing the latex horns from the mould and painting them.
  8. Glue them on.
  9. Makeup.
  10. Roam the night.