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A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body via CLIL and Sports

As the third part of the Comenius project, the 9 last students from our 7D got to travel to Turkey’s capital, Ankara. After a rough start with two flights and a huge ordeal involving losing most of our luggage, which fortunately was delivered the next day, we arrived at our host families and were immediately amazed by their overwhelming hospitality, with gifts and delicious food.

Since our exchange with Turkey focused on archery, we had to prepare presentations on archery in our home country and also got to practise this sport with Turkey’s Youth Archery Champions. The programme also included playing basketball, paintball and trekking near Lake Eymir.

On our last day we had the chance to visit the old city centre. At a typical Turkish bazaar we bought some traditional food and souvenirs, like Lokum, Turkish coffee and Baklava.

After five fabulous days all of us had a sad goodbye from our host families and came home, having had many new experiences, good memories and one or the other extra kilo :).

Im Dezember und im Februar fanden die ersten beiden Schulaustauschreisen unseres derzeitigen Comenius-Schulpartnerschaftsprojekts nach Rendsburg in Deutschland und Kokkola in Finnland statt. Das Projekt "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body via CLIL and Sports" hat Englisch als Arbeitssprache und  Schüler/innen aus der 7D und aus unseren Partnerschulen in  Deutschland, Finnland, der Türkei, Italien und Spanien tauschten sich über Sport in unseren Ländern aus und nahmen auch an landesüblichen Sportarten teil.

Einen Link zur offiziellen Projekthomepage, Berichte von unseren Schüler/innen und Fotos gibt es hier:

Offizielle Projekthomepage:

Rendsburg, Germany: 8th -12th December 2013

In Germany, we got to interact with students from other countries and we made a lot of friends from different cultures. With some of them we were able to communicate better than with others because not everyone’s level of English was the same. But we really enjoyed the multiple outings we shared, it was a great experience and we are looking forward to their visit to Austria in January 2015!
(Stefanie Burger, 7D)

Kokkola, Finland: 10th -14th February 2014

As a part of the Comenius Project we – nine students and two teachers from the GRG23VBS Draschestraße in Vienna – went to Kokkola, Finland, for four eventful days.

After a rather long journey we finally arrived at our host families’ homes and were utterly amazed by the Finnish culture – saunas and typical food and sweets like Salmiakki (a special kind of liquorice) – and their general hospitality.

Since the weather wasn’t as cold as we expected and there was a lack of snow, we couldn’t try out typical Finnish sports like sledding, skiing and snow football, but instead participated in other activities: Floorball, Ice Skating and Curling.

We were also lucky enough to stay at the Finnish school during a special week when the graduates celebrated their last days at school. This celebration was called “Penkkarit”: Every senior dressed up in a funny costume, they decorated the school creatively (involving many sweets and newspapers). It was a really exciting and new experience for us, seeing as we don’t have this tradition in Austria – at least not to such a degree.

All in all, our week in Finland was entertaining as well as insightful and athletically varied.
(Celine Geisen, Regina Jin & Sophie Reisinger 7D)