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Comenius: Palma


Im Rahmen eines Comenius-Projekts war eine Schülergruppe Anfang Oktober 2014 mit Prof. Kurzmann in Palma de Mallorca. Den Bericht über die bisherigen Teile des Projekts finden Sie hier.

Ein Schülerbericht von Bianca Oberwagner und Caroline Urschitz (6C).

As part of the last Comenius project, 2 girls from 6C, 3 girls from 6D and 1 girl from 6A got to travel to Mallorca. We were all really excited to be able to be part of the project. After an early flight and a lot of waiting at the airport, we finally arrived at our hotel. The hotel was really nice and almost right next to the beach! We were truly lucky to have the chance to stay in such a nice hotel with com-fortable rooms and delicious food.
On the first day, we went to the local school to meet the students from the other countries and pre-sent the presentation we had prepared beforehand about Canoeing, which was the main focus of the project. At school, we also had to do tasks in groups of 4 or 5 together with people from all the different countries. All the students were really nice, although it was not always easy to communi-cate with them. Although our levels of English varied, we still found a chance to get in touch with them and have a good time!
Besides going to school, we also played fun games like volleyball, soccer and frisbee at the beach and participated in competitions which included racing in a huge stand up paddle board. We also got to visit the city, Palma de Mallorca where we saw many interesting places and enjoyed very good food.
Lastly we want to say, that it was truly an awesome experience to meet so many different people and to be able to interact and exchange experiences with them. We were really sad to leave, but we hope that we will see some of these people again sometime!