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2C pflanzt Bäume


Students from 2C decided together with Miss Huber and Miss Griffin (the photographer for the day) to plant trees.

When we arrived at “wald aktiv”, we played some games and we listened to some very interesting facts about nature, the woods and how important trees are for us. Being outside in nature made us think about our planet: how we could do better things for it and not destroy it.

Just the fact that we were planting different kinds of trees (pear, nut, cherry, maple, apple, acorn, etc.) was a good start. We would like to go back and see our trees and plant some more in the future. We encourage the whole school to follow our example.

After all our hard work we were rewarded with healthy apples, some tea, sausages and bread. It was an exciting, fun and educational day for 2C. We hope we will do it again soon and maybe other people around the world will follow our example and think more about our planet.

(Emma Dornea, 2C)