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Farming in practice


3C recently had opportunity to visit Biohof No. 5 in Stammersdorf and get a glimpse of life as an organic farmer. After a brief introduction the pupils were invited to plant tomatoes, feed pigs and collect eggs. Having immersed themselves in the topics of nutrition, arable and pastoral farming both in lessons and presentations in school, this was a chance to experience farming first hand. “Es war erstaunlich festzustellen, wie viel Arbeit es ist nur eine Tomatenpflanze einzupflanzen!“. „Es ist gut zu wissen, dass die Tiere, die wir dann essen, vor dem Schlachten auf der Wiese herum springen konnten.“ „I really liked the excursion to the organic farm because we learnt how well animals can be treated. We saw how hard the people have to work on the farm. Almost every day they have to plant plants or feed the pigs and the chickens in the burning sun. That taught us to be grateful for what we have and showed us where products such as meat, eggs and milk come from.”