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Camebridge 6AB

9. - 19. September 2002

Our trip to Cambridge

We made marvellous trips to London, Warwick Castle, Stratford upon Avon and to the Duxford War Museum. Our first trip took us to Duxford War Museum.

There were many hangars with lots of aeroplanes and tanks and we got lots of information about the World Wars and the Gulf and Vietnam wars.

In London we saw all the sights from the coach, had plenty of free time for shopping and in the afternoon we visited Madame Tussaud’s .

The following day we took the coach to Stratford upon Avon and saw Shakespeare’s birthplace house and many other small old houses with their beautifully looked after gardens.

Then we visited Warwick Castle, which was very big. It was originally furnished and there were wax figures, which looked like the people who lived there before.

Social Programme

We often spent the evenings in the “Banana Club”. There we had lots of fun, because we were singing Karaoke, dancing, eating, drinking and talking to many other students in English.
We also talked to other English classes in the school. We asked them a lot of things about their experiences and about their countries and cultures.

On some evenings we were watching videos. We also went to the cinema and saw “About a Boy”.

We made a magazine about the whole trip and our personal experiences.

We were also in the computer room because we had to work on the magazine. On the 13th. September we threw a birthday party for Christopher in the evening.

Our beautiful Teacher

Our School in Cambridge

Everyday we had to go to the Cambridge Academy of English in Girton, which is a suburb of Cambridge, from 9:15 to 15:30, except for weekends. CAE is a school, which provides different English courses for students from all over the world to improve their English. Sometimes we did work for our project. The way to school took us from 2 minutes to 40 minutes.

From 9:15 to 12:30 we were in our classrooms, which were very small. We were divided in two groups. Each group was taught by one teacher, Janet and Lynne. Both were very nice and tried to make the lessons as interesting as possible. Also the principal, Mr. Arnout de Waal, was very nice. But unfortunately the lessons sometimes were boring. At 12:30 we had lunch at the canteen until 13:30. After each lessons we had breaks, which we used for playing pool or table tennis or cards. Our worksheets, which we did in the lessons, were collected in a folder.

In the afternoon we worked on our projects for the magazine. We improved our English by speaking a lot.

The school building itself was a very old building, which had been the village rectory the 19th century. It had one library and three computer rooms.

On the last day we received certificates, which confirmed that we had got through the English course at CAE and some photos from our school with the students from all over the world.

In general we liked our time at CAE.