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Local Studies Project

31. März - 2. April 2006

Coordination: Nya Gabmaier-Cass, John Feltham

On the 31st March we were joined by students from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, who we welcomed to our school. A number of the helpers as well as the students included in the project housed the guests. On the following day, after a night of getting to know each other, we were put into different groups, containing one person from each country and two Austrians, and were given tasks. Our groups task was to visit different shops (Swarovski, Haas house, Sacher Hotel to name a few) and collect various facts about them. Although tiring, it was satisfying as we strolled around the first district, brochures in hand. We watched the mimes near Stephansdom while getting to know one another better. After the work, it was a very relaxing afternoon, visiting the Haus der Musik.

That night we all filled our stomachs at the Heurigen in Rodaun and were pleasantly surprised to be joined by our headmaster, Dr. Anzbock.

The next day was a working day. We had to gather all our information together, make a poster or a power-point presentation, prepare our speeches and present our facts to everyone else included in the project. All the presentations were very thorough and nicely done, some funny, some more serious. Everyone seemed relaxed with everyone else, which proved that our time together had brought us all closer. That night, the Hungarians left, while the others stayed until morning.

We thought it all went really well. It was well organized and we were provided with lots of delicious food from the nice man at the Kipferlwerkstatt opposite the school. We had the computers for our use and a number of wonderful people (they know who they are) who helped out a great deal: bringing drinks, setting out the food, providing us with utensils for our presentation and such. The teachers, Mr Feltham and Mrs Gabmaier, also put a huge amount of effort into the whole project. Without all the support and help we could never have pulled it off.

I always enjoy mixing with students/people from other countries. It interests us to know how their lives compare to my own and how their country compares to Austria. We hosted two boys who were very interesting and had a lot to say and ask. They told my mother and I about their interests, which were politics and ta-chi. They explained about politics in their home country, Hungary and their views on it. They also wanted to know a lot about Austria and our family.

The local studies project is, in my view, educational and really rewarding. We achieve a good feeling for lives in other countries.

The whole four days were a great success and we have many to thank for that. It was just as interesting and exciting as visiting Čadca. The students were as friendly as last time and it was a pleasure to meet and cooperate with them.

Written by Alexa Niccolls, 6C